Very New To This

I’ve never done a blog before.

I want to try to do this right, but I also want to try to do this my way. Honestly, I don’t know how many ways there are to do this. I guess I can say I’ve done things like this before. Since I’m into games, I’ve tried Twitch for a while, then YouTube. Both I played video games on and hoped I would get more viewers each day or week or even month.

Twitch didn’t go far at all.

I found out in order to get paid for streaming, you need at least 100 or 1000 or however many followers just to start. Than you are eligible to become a Twitch Partner, which I’m sure requires reviewing from the admins, filling out forms, all that stuff. I still went for it, but I was only getting one viewer at a time, maybe two at the most. And even then, they would only stay for five minutes at most, then leave without saying one word in chat. Even when I played some games with friends, no one seemed interested. And I like to think I’m at my most entertaining when I’ve got friends to bounce jokes and do stupid things with.

I think the most viewers I had at any one time was around seven to ten people, and that’s because I advertised it on Reddit for once. I’ve been dabbling in flight simulators because I’m going to be trying to get a private pilots license at some point (I’ll go over that at a later date). At that time, a new simulator released that was basically a sim for beginners called Dovetail Flight School. On the day it released, I posted on Reddit that I would be streaming it and if people wanted to stop by to check it out before buying it themselves, my Twitch channel would be the place to be.

This was when my channel was at its most active. Seven viewers. Most active. It was fun at the time. Not only was I getting questions about the simulator and how I liked it, but I was also getting tips on how to fly from people who were probably professionals and had thousands of more hours of experience than I did. After a while, they all started dispersing though and I was left alone on Twitch again.

I was more dedicated with YouTube.

I poured a lot of hours researching and tweaking my videos with YouTube. Everything from learning some editing skills to finding out how SEO works (I still don’t fully understand it). For a while, it was more fun than Twitch. I was able to play games like Skyrim and Mass Effect at my own paste, but able to edit out all the boring parts so people wouldn’t be driven away as easily.

I reached around 40 subscribers. Then I started to get burnt out. I was posting a video every other day. My schedule included playing and recording the game, immediately into editing it then uploading and scheduling to publish. Most of the time this was right before work. I started to get bored with the games I was playing, which I did not like happening. Again, I played games with friends as well, but at the time, we all had opposite schedules so it was very difficult to play a game together. Eventually I just decided I was done.

Which brings me to here.

I’ve always had the blogging idea in the back of my mind. A friend at work does the same thing and I just thought “I have some things I’d like to share. Maybe I should try that!” Not only that, but it seems a bit more relaxing than the video or streaming scene. And I don’t have to worry about getting burnt out on a game. It’s just me and whoever is reading this now.

So I guess I sort of have some inkling of an idea of what I’m doing. I just hope I do the rest correctly and people can enjoy what I post. Since this is my very first post, I want to say thank you if you got this far and you really are interested in what I have to share. If you decide to follow me and talk to me through comments or however else we can chat together on here, I would be even more grateful. The fact that someone likes what I write and will come back for more is rewarding enough. So I hope you enjoy.

The picture above.

The picture above is from a game called Elite: Dangerous. If you are familiar with that game, than it requires no further explanaition. If you are not, that is the games version of a neutron star. The ship in front of it is the one I currently fly in the game called the Diamondback Explorer, named the Viatorem Iaspis, which means Diamond Traveler in latin. Or I hope that’s what it means. If not, than the Google has betrayed me greatly.


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