Hello, my name is Steven.

I am married, have a full-time job and play lots of video games. I am also into martial arts and paintball when I can get around to it, so I’m not so much of a couch potato as people seem to believe when it comes to nerds like myself. I actually like being active if it’s something I’m interested. That being said, I’m not very into traditional sports. Like I said, I like martial arts and paintball, so count that kind of activity as a non-traditional sport in my view.

I’m not very social, so this blogging thing is going to be pretty interesting to me. I do like talking about things that go on in my life when something fun does happen. But mostly, I will be talking about subjects like games, both video games and tabletop, things like Star Wars, Marvel and DC content and anything in between.

I don’t know how often I will be writing since I have no idea what I’m doing and just rolling out with what I can think of. I would say…… about one post a week minimum would be a good standard for now. If I can get some stories flowing from my typing fingers, that number will probably increase. I’ll keep you posted.