Skyrim Fanfiction: The Tale of Stiv

[I love Skyrim and I love actually living the game as my character. I don’t use fast travel and I try to play as realistically as possible with help from multiple mods. Because of this, I find myself wanting to write the story of my characters. This one is about Stiv, a vampire that leaves his coven and goes out on his own.]

Vampire Cave.pngThe coven was useless.

Living in a cave, picking off the random traveler or merchant on the road was no way for a vampire to live. Stiv’s so called vampire family was useless. They lived as rats rather than the superior beings they were meant to be. All this potential was wasted, all suggestions to venture out and claim more of Skyrim shot down by the majority.

It was time to leave. It was dusk and Stiv took a step outside the cave. The final moments of the day’s sunlight leaving a mild tingle on his pale flesh. Flanking the entrance to his now former home were two thralls, under the power of the miniscule vampire group.

“Anything you need, master?” Asked the one on the left. Both were former bandits, begging to be servants rather than food for the coven. An early warning alarm couldn’t hurt just in case a wandering mercenary caught wind of them. Continue reading “Skyrim Fanfiction: The Tale of Stiv”